It's about my friends

Friends..._actually, i hope i can find a word means "sahabat/saudara", but, it's OK!
I love this word.
I've find found them -friends- since I was being child. Until now. And I've found many types of them. I'll tell you.

Friends are the ones who taught me games. Right! Cause we always play together. They also taught me new games also. So, we could waste our time to playing!
It's very interesting.

Friends, is someone are the ones who gives gave you a candy, or shared you a chocolate, yes, even they will would not eat it anymore. No problem. The importan t ce is that you can enjoy it.

Friends, is someone are they who hit you, and then run away. But, next day, she would come to your home and bring a package of snack to you. Then say, "I'm so sorry, dear. I just wanted to play games with you. But you do fraud cheated! I didn't like it!". Big smile of children..

Friendsis someone are the ones who ask for a permission of your parent, and then you go together with her. Till night, and then ask for a forgiveness to your mom. Ah..

Hmm.. I miss my little old friends.. How are you today, dear?

"My little"'s time childhood ha s d gone. Now, i've grown old. Ah, no! I'm still 22 years old. And, I ' m still have friends. Many friends. I'll tell you, guys:)

Friend (again), is someone who knows you, more than the other people know you. Even, they know you more than you, yourself.
Friends  is someone are the ones who remind you a things that you loved, when they go to somewhere, in some times.
Friend is someone who invites you to a good program. And usually, you go together with them.
Friend is someone who tells you something you don't know. And they do it sincerely, because they want you to be better
Friend is someone who reminds you, "You do a fault did a mistake, dear..". And they would directly correct you.

Friend is someone who hugs you when you win a competition, and also gives a shoulder to cry on, when you fault fail on an event, or you sad, or you down

Friend never leaves you. But, always go with you, even though just in their pray...

Ah, i love my friend.. 

hope Allah will make our "ukhuwah" be strong, till the rest of my life, till here after... Friends in the this world, and also "jannah".. Aamiin...

-by the way, starting something new (is like English writing) is not easy. Maybe, it'll need many time, more time, very long time. but, it's OK! For a good habit, for a good ability. for a good change, and many good other :) Just be spirit keep on working and never give up! Remember that "falls" is not always bad. but it a lesson for us to be better ^_^ hore...!

-corrected by my friend. Thx, na..:)

If you want to join, or give some idea for this writing, please write in the comment.. I just need someone to help me study English, and we can study together...:D

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